Boards & Commissions

The City is seeking volunteers

The City is seeking volunteers interested in serving on City appointed Committees. 
Current vacancies:
  • Planning Commission (One vacancy)
  • Environmental Management Committee (One vacancy)
  • Tourism Promotion Committee (One vacancy)
  • Historic Landmarks Committee (One vacancy)
Applications must be submitted online and by midnight, Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at   If you have any questions please contact Lisa Figueroa, City Clerk, at 503-874-2216 or via e-mail at

Silverton Boards & Commissions

View meetings, agendas, minutes, and members of Silverton's various boards, committees,
and commissions:

The Budget Committee meets annually to review and recommend the proposed City budget to the City Council. Appointed members must be 18 or older and qualified to vote within the City's election districts.

This Committee was established in 2015 and makes recommendations to the City Council on issues regarding recycling, solid waste management, environmental issues and other similar matters. 

The Historic Landmarks Commission meets on an as needed basis. They identify, evaluate, and designate historic resources as landmarks.

The Planning Commission meets on a monthly basis. They recommend and make suggestions to the City Council and to all other public authorities concerning a multitude of issues which may include but are not limited to extending, parking, street locations, the establishment of setback lines, zone designations and other Land Use issues. Five of the seven members must reside inside the City limits and two members may reside within the City's Urban
Growth Boundary.

The Tourism Promotion Committee meets as needed, to review and provide recommendations
to the City Council regarding grant applications promoting tourism in Silverton. One Member of
the City Council serves on the Committee, and one Member may be a citizen and the other members must represent specific tourism industries and organizations as listed on the
Committee page.

The Transportation Advisory Committee is an advisory committee of the City Council. They review and provide recommendations on the city’s traffic and circulation elements, and specific plans and other transportation related issues.

The City Council serves as the Urban Renewal Agency Board.

  • Urban Renewal Agency Advisory Committee
This Committee was established in 2015 and makes recommendations to the Urban Renewal Agency. More information of this Committee will be added soon.