Silverton Elections

The City of Silverton follows the state guidelines for prospective candidates. The referenced
filing forms are included in the Candidate Application Packet. Election Manuals produced by the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division and can be found on their website
at www.sos.state.or.us.

General Election will be held on November 8, 2016

You may file beginning June 1, 2016 and the final day to file is August 30, 2016.

This page summarizes the steps involved to file for candidacy.A Candidate Application Packet
containing detailed information to assist candidates in fulfilling the requirements to
appear on the November 8, 2016, General Election ballot is available for pickup at City Hall, from the City Elections Officer.
City Clerk, Lisa Figueroa, serves as the City Elections Officer. You may contact her at 503.874.2216 or via e-mail at lfigueroa@silverton.or.us.

*Please note, the Elections Officer will be out of the office on the dates listed below.
If you are filing by petition, materials you submit will be reviewed once the Elections
Officer returns to the office.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Qualifications and Residency Requirements

To qualify as a candidate for Mayor or a City Councilor, you must be:

A qualified elector under the laws and constitution of the State of Oregon;
a registered voter of the City of Silverton; and
A City of Silverton resident, who has resided within the City during the 12
months preceding the election they are filing for.

How to File

A person may File by Fee or File by Petition with the City of Silverton.

To File by Fee:
To file by fee; a person must file SEL Form 101 Candidate Filing – Mayor Political Party or
Nonpartisan and pay the required $50 filing fee with the City Elections Officer.

To File by Petition:
To file by petition; a person must complete all the steps listed. Detailed information to file
by petition is included in the Candidate Application Packet.

Step 1 - File Prospective Petition Complete the two forms listed below and submit to the City Elections Officer for approval prior to gathering any signatures and well in advance of the August 30 deadline. No filing fees are required to run for the City of Silverton offices by this method.
SEL Form 101 – Candidate filing – Major Political Party or Nonpartisan
SEL Form 121 – Candidate Signature Sheet – Nonpartisan

Step 2 - Collect Signatures
The City Elections Officer will review the prospective petition and provide written approval authorizing the candidate to begin the collection of signatures. Signatures gathered prior to written approval will be rejected. The Silverton City Charter requires petitions to contain a minimum of 20 qualified (Silverton registered voter) signatures. It is recommended you gather more than the minimum to assure you have the required amount necessary.

Step 3 - Submit Signature Sheet(s) When ample signatures have been collected, the candidate shall submit the petitions to the Marion County Elections Clerk for processing and verification of signatures before the petition is filed with the City Elections Officer. SEL Form 338 - Petition Submission - Candidate Voter's Pamphlet must also be submitted with the signature sheets. As a guideline, signature petitions
should be submitted well before the August 30, 2016, deadline to allow ample time to gather
additional signatures if needed.

Step 4 - Complete Filing The City Elections Officer will notify the candidate in writing of the results of the signature verification.If it is determined that there are not enough signatures and the filing deadline has not passed, the candidate may gather and submit additional signatures.

The filing process, including signature verification, must be completed and delivered to
the City Elections Officer by
5:00 p.m., August 30, 2016.

Campaign Finance Reporting Requirements

The Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division handles all campaign finance reporting.
A candidate quick guide on Campaign Finance Reporting, forms, and additional information
regarding the process can be found at the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division
website; www.sos.state.or.us under Campaign Finance.

City of Silverton
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Lisa Figueroa

Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division
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County, City, and District Candidates Manual

Marion County Elections
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