Environmental Management Committee

The City is looking for a volunteer to serve on Environmental Management Committee

The City of Silverton is seeking an individual willing to serve on the Environmental Management Committee (EMC).  The candidate will be appointed to the Committee by the City Council. The candidate will fill the remaining term of a vacant seat, which expires in January, 2019.

As an Advisory Committee, the EMC makes recommendations to the Council on issues regarding solid waste management, recycling, environmental issues, and other similar matters.

Applications must be submitted online by Friday, August 4, 2017. Click here to access the application. If you have any questions please contact Lisa Figueroa at the e-mail on the right of the page. 

Committee Background 

The Environmental Management Committee (EMC) was established in 2015. According to Chapter 8.08 of the Silverton Municipal Code, the EMC is an Advisory Committee that makes recommendations to the City Council on 
issues regarding recycling, solid waste management, environmental issues and other similar matters. The EMC meets only as necessary to handle matters referred to it by the City Council, the Public Works Director, or the City Manager.

The Committee consists of five members and one Ex-Officio member. Each At-Large position will serve a three-year term. 
  • One City Councilor
  • The Public Works Director, or designee 
  • Three citizens (At-large) 
  • Ex-Officio Member represented by Republic Services
The EMC does not have any policy making authority. It shall perform the following duties when requested to do so by the City Council:
A.  Develop and recommend to the Council strategies, informing the public, and advising the City Council on fulfilling the public policies set out in the Solid Waste Ordinance.
B.  Recommend to the City Council strategies for promoting and developing recycling, waste reduction and reuse.
C.  Make recommendations to the City Council on any rate adjustment or service level adjustment requested by the hauler.
D.  Advise the City Council on environmental and health issues.
E.  Advise the City Council on sustainability issues and practices with regard to
solid waste, building maintenance and construction, energy and water conservation, and green purchasing guidelines. 
F.  When delegated to do so by the City Council, hear complaints about the hauler's services under its exclusive franchse. Any other similar matter or issue referred to the EMC by the City Council.

  1. Dana Smith

    Council Member

  2. Christian Saxe

    Public Works Director
    Phone: (503) 874-2210

  3. Lisa Figueroa

    City Clerk
    Phone: (503) 874-2216