Police Media Release

SafeOregon is a way for students, staff or other members of the public to anonymously report and share confidential information of a threat or a potential threat to student safety. Tips can be submitted 24/7/365 through the www.SafeOregon.com web portal, by e-mail to tip@safeoregon.com, through the SafeOregon mobile application (available for android or iOS device), or by calling or texting 844-472-3364. 

Vision Statement

The Silverton Police Department shall take a leadership role in the development of strong collaborative working partnerships with our community and service providers in order to solve problems, with a dedication and a commitment to the philosophy of community policing and an equal commitment to community-oriented government. We are committed to working in a proactive partnership with our community to solve problems and enhance the quality of life for all citizens in our community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of police services possible, creating a community partnership to protect lives and property, solve problems, and promote community livability while respecting individual rights.

Statement of Values

We believe in the following values: honesty, integrity, fairness, and respect for others in both our private and professional lives. These core values are the foundation of our relationship with our citizens and coworkers. Through teamwork, we commit ourselves to perform our duties in a courageous and competent manner.