Drinking Water

Water Utility

The City of Silverton water system is comprised of:
  • Two water treatment plants at the Ames Street location have a combined capacity of 2.5 million gallons per day in the winter and 4.0 million gallons per day during the summer
  • Two booster pump stations
  • Silverton reservoir - water supply storage
  • Abiqua diversion dam and supply pipeline
  • 30 miles of water distribution lines
  • Three treated water storage tanks totaling 4.5 million gallons
The Abiqua Creek supply is the main source, mostly because the diversion is high enough in elevation to allow water to flow to the treatment plant without pumping. Silver Creek is the other source of supply. A third resource is the water stored in Silverton Reservoir, which can account for up to 1,300 acre feet (423,000,000 gallons) of water.

Silverton's water system provides very high quality drinking water. There are two very important reasons for this. First, our creek source water quality is normally very clean. More importantly though, our treatment plant operators take special pride in treating water well above any required water quality standards. Over 11,000 water tests are completed over the course of a year to make sure the drinking water reaching our customers exceeds all standards of purity.

The drinking water in the City of Silverton is fluoridated. Please contact Steve Starner, Water Quality Supervisor, at 503.873.5439, if you have any questions.