Special Event Permits

COVID-19 Information for Special Events 

As Marion County's COVID-19 risk level begins to lower, we are now accepting Special Event Permit applications with the anticipation that the County's risk level will continue to drop. Please refer to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) guidelines for public events. You can find current information from OHA at the following link: COVID-19 Updates. All applications will be required to show how the event coordinator will adhere to any applicable OHA guidelines/rules. 

Note that approval for an event does not supersede OHA guidelines, and your permit may be revoked if OHA guidelines prohibit gatherings in excess of that which the permit allows at the time of the event. 

Does my Gathering or Event Require a Permit?

Please view the table below to find out if your gathering needs a permit. Permits and supporting documents must be received no later than 45 days in advance of the event. 

 Activity  Permit Requirement
My group size will be more than 50 people special event permit is required
I do not want to make a reservation to use a picnic area and have 50 or less attendees Picnic spaces without a reserved sign are available on a first-come basis
I want to host an event or gathering on public property such as a street, sidewalk,  or other public property that expected to have an uncommon impact on such public property or require the provision of public services. A special event permit may be required - contact the Special Event Coordinator

Special Event Requirements

Temporary changes have been made to the special event process. Please view the list below and view the Special Event Permit Application for more information on requirements. 

Some requirements to consider prior to submitting a special event application (see policies and application for full list of requirements):
A certificate of liability insurance naming the City of Silverton as an additional insured will be required (often obtained through homeowners or event insurance companies).

A $50.00 special event permit application fee (waived for non-profit organizations or events under 100 people) is required.

Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Guidance must be acknowledged and adhered to which may include but is not limited to assigning physical distancing monitors.

Maximum allowable attendee limits may be in place for indoor and outdoor areas.