The City of Silverton’s Preliminary Budget for fiscal year 2019-20 will be presented to the Budget Committee on May 16, 2019 at 6:00 PM. The Preliminary Budget Message will be provided to the committee and the public on May 9, 2019.  The Preliminary Budget provides the Mayor and City Council, the community and our employee groups an opportunity to review a proposed balanced budget well in advance of the deadline for making final budget decisions.

2020-2021 Budget Calendar

  • 4/23/20: First Budget Committee Meeting and State Revenue Sharing Budget Hearing at 6:00 PM in Council Chambers
  • 4/28/20: Second Budget Committee Meeting (if needed)
  • 4/30/20: Third Budget Committee Meeting (if needed)
  • 6/15/20: Budget Hearing before City Council for adoption of appropriations, tax rate, bonded debt levy and acceptance of State Revenue Sharing.