Volunteering for the City of Silverton

Special Note:  We appreciate your interest in volunteering!  Please see the general information below and the City’s COVID-19 Information Page for information on current City operations.

 Are you looking for general information and ideas for supporting others during the COVID-19 pandemic?  Please visit:  “How Can I Help with the Coronavirus Effort in Oregon?”

Your Point of Contact - Volunteer Services Coordinator
The Assistant to the City Manager/HR Coordinator serves as the City’s Volunteer Services Coordinator.  The  Volunteer Services Coordinator is a resource for departments and interested volunteers regarding the recruitment, placement, management, and recognition of volunteers, unpaid interns, and practicum students. Additionally, the volunteer services coordinator manages the city volunteer database, ensures all volunteers receive city volunteer orientation and have a volunteer job description at placement, and compiles the city’s annual volunteer report.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities
The City of Silverton welcomes opportunities  to support community participation, service learning, and professional development through a variety of volunteer, unpaid intern, and practicum student opportunities within the City of Silverton departments.

Be Part of Making Recommendations to the City Council (Boards and Commission Volunteer Service):

Learn about the City’s boards and commissions providing recommendations on a variety of topics .  Some boards have specific membership requirements.  At the discretion of the Mayor, additional ad-hoc task forces may be convened in response to specific issues.

Vacancies are announced on the City website and City social media and the Mayor conducts interviews in order to recommend appointments to the City Council.  Please consider applying to share your voice and your knowledge!

Conduct a Project as an Intern or Practicum Student:

The City values professional development in the local government field.  Please take some time to review our website, social media, and newsletters to familiarize yourself with current City issues.

If you have ideas to propose, please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator to assist with next steps.

Help Beautify Our City:

The City appreciates the many groups from service clubs, religious organizations, and other entities who have donated time to garden and otherwise beautify public spaces.

If you have a project to propose, please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator to assist with next steps.

Other Ideas?

Please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator (Assistant to City Manager/HR Coordinator) if you have a great idea not covered here.

Other Opportunities to Share Your Time and Talent in Silverton:

Many organizations within and around the City of Silverton rely on volunteers.   This list is not exclusive.