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Posted on: October 15, 2020

Update on Cougar Sighting

Citizen Awareness of Cougar Activity


Over the past two days, as a result of the recent cougar activity in the 4000 block of Victor Point Road, the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife have taken steps and have caught two cougars near the initial activity point on Victor Point Rd.. Steps are continuing to be taken to determine if any other cougars may be in the immediate area.

We are asking residents to be aware as Silverton has experienced cougars in the area in the past due to nearby wooded and forested areas. Please refer to yesterdays posted information on safety precautions provided by ODF&W. If a cougar is sighted in or near Silverton, please call Silverton Police Dept. to report it at 503-873-5326. 

Community Awareness of Cougar Activity 10/15/20

Over the past two days, there has been an incident of cougar activity in the 4000 block of Victor Point Road where small livestock was killed. Working with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, steps are being taken to locate the cougar. The Police Dept. was also notified today of a trail camera photographing a cougar last night in the area of the small pond near Lakeview Dr. and Pioneer Dr. 

 We are sending out this information so those in the area can be aware and take precautions. If a cougar is sighted call the Police Dept. to report it at 503-873-5326. 

 From the ODF&W website some precautions to take include:

  • Walk pets during the day and keep them on a leash.
  • Keep pets indoors at dawn and dusk when a cougar is most active.
  • Do not feed wildlife. By attracting other wildlife, it may attract a cougar.
  • Fence and shelter livestock. Move them to sheds or barns at night.

 If you encounter a cougar:

  • Cougars often will retreat if given the opportunity. Leave the animal a way to escape.
  • Stay calm and stand your ground.
  • Maintain direct eye contact.
  • Pick up children, but do so without bending down or turning your back to the cougar.
  • Back away slowly.
  • Don’t run. Running triggers a chase response in cougars, which could lead to an attack.
  • Raise your voice and speak firmly.
  • If the cougar seems aggressive, raise your arms to make yourself look larger & clap your hands.
  • If, in the very unusual event that a cougar attacks you, fight back with rocks, sticks, bear or pepper spray, tools or any items available.

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